Press Release

Warwickshire, UK: Velocity Artisans, a first-of-its-kind marketplace exclusively for automotive parts and accessories. This is a dedicated place for suppliers and specialist brands to showcase their products and demonstrate their talent, passion and craftsmanship.

Created by three car enthusiasts who, after various car restorations, noticed how many specialist brands were out there without having one single place to shop for their products. They realised that the current options – eBay and Amazon – are too generic, price-driven and full of mass-manufactured products to allow these craftsmen to compete. And the bigger margins of larger retailers mean smaller suppliers usually can’t meet their demands.

As an exclusive marketplace for automotive specialists (think invite-only Amazon, where sellers have their own shops), Velocity Artisans hopes to be the solution that empowers artisans and inspires enthusiasts.

One of the founders, Paul, said: “I've restored quite a few cars in my time, and the one thing that always amazes me is just how many incredible smaller suppliers there out there, creating some of the most amazing products. The response so far has been incredible – suppliers have been really supportive, and we've had hundreds of enthusiasts already signing up on the website to be notified when it's live. We just can't wait to launch now!”

The site will offer specialist products and bespoke services listed by the artisans who supply them, along with a select number of suppliers offering automotive-inspired artwork and clothing. An invite-only system will ensure only specialist suppliers can create a shop to ensure continued quality. Enthusiasts will find a central hub of unique and bespoke products, ultimately creating a collaborative online space for car lovers.

Within days of Velocity Artisans’ social media release, they gained thousands of followers and were contacted by smaller sellers across the world. Jonathan from Group4 Wheels said: “When I first heard about Velocity Artisans…it definitely got my attention. The car world, especially for classics or sportscars, is full of smaller suppliers like Group4 Wheels, solving problems and making parts or products you can't get anymore. One challenge we have is balancing the time and cost of promoting our products with our desire to keep creating the products themselves - the thing we're good at! Velocity Artisans creating a hub for all of us specialist suppliers to be part of is a great way we can all get seen by true enthusiasts.”

About Velocity Artisans: Velocity Artisans is an exclusive online marketplace for automotive parts and accessories based in Warwickshire, UK. Founded in 2020, Velocity Artisans aim to connect car enthusiasts with specialist manufacturers in a central marketplace.